86,000 dollars is a lot of money. And that’s exactly what’s up for grabs for the Monster Energy BMX Exams in Trinidad and Tobago…This is the first year it’s open world wide, so any pros out there reading this, take a trip to the Carribean, have a good time, and maybe stack up. For complete info, hit up trevlonhallexams.com

“In 2010, TREVLON HALL, Trinidad & Tobago’s 1st Bmx Freestyle Pro Rider in a passionate pursuit to help develop Bmx Freestyle teamed up with Monster Energy and Created Monster Energy Bmx Freestyle Exams. In concept, the event platform began with a tour promoting Bmx Freestyle via demos at schools and malls across Trinidad & Tobago and culminated with a local contest. Over the years we have steadily developed the Contest platform from Local to Caribbean and, as of 2014, our Contest will be International and Open to World entry.


We began our event  platform with real growth and long term intiaitves in mind, and we will continue:


  • Increasing the visibility and awareness of Bmx Freestyle.
  • Educating, enlightening and encouraging participation.
  • Inspiring healthy life choices and discouraging lethargy.
  • Entertaining, exciting and boosting self-esteem.
  • Promoting perseverance, creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Providing a platform for talent identification and inspiration.
  • Recognizing and rewarding outstanding Bmx Freestyle talents.
  • Fostering growth, and opportunity for the Bmx Freestyle community.
  • Facilitating infrastructural development and true growth for our sport.
  • Assisting with the proliferation of sport enshrined in the National Sport Policy.
  • Aiding with the promotion and development of Bmx Freestyle Internationally.”