AUGUST 28, 2006 – Hoffman Bikes USA is proud to announce the re-addition of legendary flatlander Kevin Jones to the Hoffman Bikes Pro team. Jones will be working with Hoffman Bikes to redesign his original Hoffman Bikes signature frame, The Big Daddy.

Originally from York, PA, Jones is credited as the innovator of modern day flatland riding. His exploits have been well documented in the ‘Dorkin’ In York’ video series, and his influence on flatland is worldwide. Jones was the first flatland rider to be added onto the Hoffman Bikes team at its inception. In 1993, Jones was allowed to design a signature frame for Hoffman Bikes, dubbed ‘The Big Daddy.’ The frame revolutionized modern flatland, and is still a sought after bike over 13 years later. Jones left Hoffman Bikes in 1994 to pursue other ventures, but has recently returned to riding his original signature Big Daddy frame.

Jones will work alongside the Hoffman Bikes flatland team, consisting of Art Thomason and Eugene Collins, to revamp the Hoffman Bikes flatland program. Samples of the newly redesigned Big Daddy frame will be available for inspection at Interbike 2006.

Hoffman Bikes is pleased to welcome Jones back to the HB family. For further info, please contact Sidewall Distribution via: phone 405-528-4130 or Email: [email protected] or visit or

Kevin Jones