Press Release:

We are continuing to stack up for 2012 to go out with bang if the world does in fact end. Jabari Winters has been putting in a good word about Hersh for a while now and that’s good enough for us to hook him up. Jeremie took a little care package
down to him in Austin this past weekend and he had the same smile on his face for two days. Hersh is a good dude!

Here’s what Jabari had to say:
“Yo guys so I thought Hersh was a good fit for Hoffman because of his passion for having fun on his bike and wanting to progress. All around nice dude and dope rider. Riding with him makes people just want to ride more. I think he has a snug fit on Hoffman.” -Jabari Winters

We will have a bike check up soon and word is Hersh is nearly complete with a little welcome edit.