The event started at 2 pm with a two-hour open session and the official demo took place at 4 pm with a seperate am and pro demo.The turnout was really impressive, and since I don’t frequent the local SoCal parks, there were a lot of unfamiliar faces and most of them were shredding. Quite a few local pros and industry types were in the mix as well, including Ben Snowden, Mike “Hucker Clark, Shawn McKinney, Shaun Butler, Austin Coleman, Jesse Puente, Chad Johnston, Robbie Morales, Day Smith, and Aaron Bostrom. Between the positive vibe of the day, the fact that there were basically only bike riders in the park, and the heavy session that ensued, Saturday was the best time I’ve ever had at the Long Beach park.

Not a bad turnout.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Troy Ayres – Lookback  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Ben Snowden looked super comfortable on the vert quarter, even while doing these huge no-handers.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

To get a better idea for the purpose of the demo, one of the founding members, Eric Hough, had this to say:

“The purpose of Saturday’s jam was to bring riders together to have fun and to strengthen the presentation for obtaining funding for The Foundations Organization, which will be funded through tax-deductible contributions. We are a non-profit, youth out-reach program. Our mission is to promote a positive and healthy future for the kids, and for BMX. We coordinate professional BMX demonstrations, allowing the professional BMX athletes to utilize their position as role models to encourage healthy and positive lifestyles.

Hucker sessioned the vert wall with a lot of lip tricks, including this footjam.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

The September 2nd jam was a demonstration of what we will bring to the kids. The next event is going to be at the Jarupa park in Riverside, CA. Mike Saavedra and I are working together on this, so expect a huge event. Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday.” –Eric Hough

Not only did Eric Hough organize the event, but he was shredding, too, with moves like this unturndown over the spine.  credit: Jeff Zielinski