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Skaters and BMX Rider Advance to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals This September

Burr Ridge, Ill. – August 2, 2010 – This weekend, Gatorade Free Flow Tour contestants dealt with intense competition and intense heat as they battled it out for the coveted trip to the Finals in Salt Lake City this September. Overcoming rain delays and a heat index of 110° at Kona skatepark in Jacksonville, Fla., Spencer Bass (BMX park), Juan Pineiro (skate vert) and Marshall LaFrance (skate park) topped the podium in their respective disciplines. Houston, Texas' Southside skatepark also felt the heat as Taylor Jett topped 66 other amateurs vying for a spot in the Finals.

Nineteen-year-old Bass earned the BMX park victory whose notable tricks during the final jam session caught the judge's eyes. His bag of tricks included a huge cannon ball, flairs all over the course, and a monster topside can-can.

"I'm stoked on the opportunity for a third year at the Finals," Bass said. "I hope this year is the year for me."

This will mark the third trip Bass makes to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals, also having participated in 2008 and 2009.

Taking the win in his hometown, 12-year-old Pineiro won his ticket to the Finals after landing a 540 on the vert ramp. He also pulled out numerous lip tricks and channel gaps, as well as a heelflip indy.

"I'm psyched I came away with the win today," Pineiro said. "Landing that 540 felt great; I'm definitely going to rep Kona hard in S-L-C."

After being rained out on Saturday, the skate park participants came out hungry for a chance to compete for a spot in the Finals. Dominating the pack was 15-year-old local LaFrance, whose killer finals run included a wide range of tricks. Most impressive were his feebles, smiths, lipsides, and a frontside nose pick on the vert wall.

"There were so many good kids out there today; I can't believe I won," LaFrance said. "I'm really stoked for the finals. I've never been to Salt Lake City before, and it should be a blast."

"It was great to bring the Gatorade Free Flow back to Kona," Kona manager, Martin Ramos, said of the weekend, which resulted in record-breaking attendance to date. "It adds tons of energy and excitement to the skatepark, and brought out the best riders in the state."

Nineteen-year-old Jett earned the home-park victory at Southside after stringing together a stylish run during the final jam session. He showed what it takes to make it to the Finals with a hardflip back lip, half cab heel up the euro right into a fakie frontside heel down the stairs, front side feeble on the rail, and a frontside bigspin boardslide down the rail.

"I'm really happy I won today," Jett said. "I went to a Gatorade Free Flow competition years ago before I started skating – now I get to go to the Finals and rip it up."

"Everything turned out awesome today," Southside manager, Dakota, said. "This is a great contest that really offers something for the kids."

With the win, Bass, Pineiro, LaFrance and Jett all earn an automatic bid into the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals that will take place at the Dew Tour's Toyota Challenge, September 16-19, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah at EnergySolutions Arena.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour – Kona Results
Saturday, July 31 & Sunday, August 1, 2010
Jacksonville, Florida

1. Spencer Bass, Euless, Texas 2. Bryan Lacombe, Ft. Myers, Fla. 3. Spencer Foresman, Tampa, Fla. 4. Zack Kring, Ft. Walten Beach, Fla. 5. TJ Degrout, Winterspring, Fla.

Skate Vert

1. Juan Pineiro, Jacksonville, Fla. 2. Beaver Flemming, Knoxville, Tenn. 3. Frank Shaffroth, Palm Bay, Fla. 4. Toby Gummeson, New Semurna Beach, Fla. 5. Cameron Miller, Clearwater, Fla.

Skate Park

1. Marshall LaFrance, Jacksonville, Fla. 2. Connor Askew, Orlando, Fla. 3. Jake Sykes, Jacksonville, Fla. 4. Spencer Lau, Neptune Beach, Fla. 5. Paul Hart, Jacksonville, Fla.

Gatorade Free Flow Tour – Southside Results
Sunday, August 1, 2010

Houston, Texas

Skate Park

1. Taylor Jett, Houston, Texas 2. Jonathan Bastian, Katy, Texas 3. Matt Fesit, Katy, Texas 4. Bryan Thompson, Katy, Texas 5. Michael Tang, Dallas, Texas

The 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour includes a total of 30 skateboarding competitions (seven skate vert and 23 skate park) and 17 BMX contests (three BMX dirt and 14 BMX park) at 30 parks across the United States. The winners in each of the 45 competitions will be flown to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals, taking place in conjunction with the Dew Tour's Toyota Challenge, September 16-19. Encompassing the "Flow to Pro" theme that is the cornerstone of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, the two overall skate champions and the two BMX champions will earn a spot to compete against the pros at the final stop of the 2010 Dew Tour season, October 14-17 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

2010 Registration
All competitions are open to both male and female amateur competitors 21 and younger for all skate and BMX disciplines. There is a $15 entry fee, and all participants under the age of 18 must bring a parent or guardian to the event to sign a liability waiver. Contest registration forms, waivers and detailed information are available ahead of time at