Direct from team manager Allan Cooke:

Rob Darden will not be resigned with Premium Products, due mostly to budget cuts. And, Garrett Reynolds has decided to not resign with Premium. Garrett texted me his thoughts and alludes to something coming soon…

“This is a hard one to write… So basically, I decided to leave Premium earlier in the year when I got word of changes being made and noting agreeing with the direction they were going. I’d like to thank them for everything that they have done over the years. I’m not leaving on bad terms, I just need to refresh BMX for myself. Wish I could tell you what’s next, but I can’t…even though I’m fiending to.”

Allan and I had a brief text-versation about this a couple weeks ago and while it was more of an “off the record” conversation, I don’t think Allan would mind me pulling this small snippet:

“Sucks, but we still have a good team and we plan on doing a shit load more with the guys we still have.”