Today published an article outlining the highest paid action-sports athletes, and Dave Mirra made the list…

Dave Mirra, tailwhip at Dew Tour. Photo by Fat.

The list is based off of Forbes’ estimates of what the athletes made in 2008 derived from “interviews with industry experts” and are not factual numbers. We aren’t sure which experts they interviewed (we weren’t contacted), but the article and list is interesting to look at nonetheless.

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Forbe’s list simplified:
1. Tony Hawk – $12 million
2. Shawn White – $9 million
3. Ryan Sheckler – $5 million
4. Travis Pastrana (tie) – $3 million
4. Kelly Slater (tie) – $3 million
6. Laird Hamilton – $2.5 million
7. Paul Rodriguez – $2 million
8. Danny Kass (tie) – $1 million
8 Dave Mirra (tie) – $1 million

*Motocross racing was excluded because it is considered a “motor sport.”