– One thing you can expect at the ABA’s season opener is the debut of new teams. Most fall flat on their face and don’t live up to the hype surrounding them. In some instances, however, a team will come together and beat all the odds to become a major player. Such is the case with Avent and Bombshell’s first ever Factory Team.

On Friday and Saturday, the “Bomb Squad” rode practice in Fly 805 jerseys, pants and gloves with 606 helmets and debuted the team’s full Factory uniforms in fine style for the first round. With every rider on the team being in the NAG top ten, with five NAG #1’s, three “Terrible Ten” recipients, four ABA World Champions, and one National #1, everyone was expecting big things from this group. They came through. Scoring twelve wins helped to propel the new team to a 3rd place in Factory Team competition on Saturday and a hard-earned second place on Sunday. On Sunday, the Bomb Squad finished only two points behind defending ABA Factory Team Champion and Bombshell-sponsored Redman / Yamaha Waverunner, beating the likes of legitimate Factory teams such as Answer and Challenge. The team currently sits in third place in ABA standings.


Factory Avent / Bombshell / Fly Racing’s “dR” Donny Robinson had a tough season debut; full of ups and downs. After picking up his National #2 plate in Pro Cruiser, Donny picked up right where he left off at the Grands and came away with a win on Saturday on his Avent ‘Factor’ Pro Cruiser, beating longtime friend and rival Randy Stumpfhauser. The squad’s newest pick-up, “T-Biz” Tyler Brown was in the mix, finishing 6th. On Sunday, Donny picked up the 3rd with Tyler in tow on his Bombshell ‘Tribal Carbon forks’ for the 5th. In AA Pro, both National #6 “dR” and Tyler barely missed the cut on Saturday. Sunday Donny powered to a 4th place finish.

The team’s legendary Vet-Pro, National #6 “Choo Choo” Charles Townsend broke his hand training the week before the race and was not able to attend. “I’m gonna be ready for Phoenix,” stated Townsend, “all those guys better watch out!”


She’s at it again! The fastest girl in BMX, Alise “The Beast” Post, after picking up her National #1 Girl Cruiser plaque and her National #2 Girl plaque, absolutely KILLED her competition over the weekend and scored the ABA’s very first triple-triple of the year. The squad put together a brand new Avent ‘Factor’ Expert XL with Bombshell ‘Love Handles’ bars on Friday morning and watched “The Beast” dominate 12 Girls, 11-13 Girls Cruiser, and 11-12 Mixed Open. Alise is on a mission to double up on the Girls and Girls Cruiser titles in 2004!

Twitch makes his mark! The pride of McHenry, Illinois, Mike “Twitch” Lundy picked up his NAG #1 cruiser plate and came away with two wins in the new 17-18 Expert class edging out longtime rival and teammate Jason Rogers on his brand-new Avent ‘Factor’ Pro XXXL. “I got it this weekend, but I know Jason is a fierce competitor and there’s never a gimme in this class,” stated Lundy. Jason grabbed his 18X NAG#1 plate and finished up with a close second on Saturday and an un-characteristic third on Sunday. With the likes of Andre Ellison, Steven Cisar, and Zach Bean in the class, the success of these two riders is unparalleled.

 credit: Press Release

The “Missle” launches into the new year! 2003 ABA NAG #1 16X Mike Moeller had a tough weekend. After looking like the one to beat in practice on his polished Avent ‘Factor’ Pro XL with a Bombshell ‘Revolution’ Cassette Wheelset, someone must have painted a target on Mikey’s back. In every round it seemed like someone was gunning to take himm out. On Saturday, “The Missle” just missed the 16X main and had to settle for a 3rd in 15-16 open. On Sunday, after getting beat up pretty good in semi’s, Mikey finished 5th in open and battled to a 2nd in 16X. Look for the “Missle” to be on a new Avent ‘Morpheus’ Pro Cruiser in Guthrie!

Bradford kills on Carbon! 2003 UCI Class and Cruiser World Champion Joey Bradford let it be known that Carbon Fiber is the way to go. Joey hopped aboard his carbon fiber Avent ‘Morpheus’ Pro with Bombshell ‘Tribal’ Carbon forks and the brand-new Bombshell ‘Revolution’ 1.5 wheelset and proved to the nay-sayers out there that there is a place for Carbon in BMX frame technology. Joey powered the controversial frame to a 3rd and a 2nd in 13-14 open and a 4th and a 3rd in the ultra-tough 14X class.

“The Tiger” mauls the competition! NAG #4 Chad “The Tiger” Kerley continued his rise through the 9X class finishing 1st and 4th in 9-10 open 3rd and 2nd in 9X on the new Avent ‘Factor’ Junior frame with a Bombshell ‘Revolution’ Expert wheelset.

Avent / Bombshell’s “Old Guys” wreck the house! The older amateurs on the team made their presence known in Reno in a big way. NAG#6 TJ Johnson ruled 28-35 Expert both days, with a 1st on Saturday and slipping to 2nd on Sunday after a bobble in the rhythm. TJ was aboard a prototype Avent Chromoly Racer. That’s right, Avent is working on a steel line-up for all you chromoly fans out there! NAG#10 “Angry” Steve Stewart came back to action after a knee injury sidelined him at last year’s Worlds. Stewart dominated motos and battled with Kirk Chrisco and Steve Spencer on his Avent ‘Factor’ Pro Cruiser XL with Bombshell ‘Revolution’ Pro Cruiser Cassette Wheels to take third on Saturday. A crash in the main kept him off the podium on Sunday.

“Bomb Squad” amateurs round out the mix. 2002 and 2003 Open and Class World Champion Jacob Abbe, 7X, picked up his NAG #4 plate this weekend. Jacob had a tough start to the year on his Avent ‘Factor’ Mini, finishing 5th in class on Sunday. 2003 World Champion Lahsaan Kobza, 12X, raked in a 2nd and a 3rd in 12 Cruiser on his Avent ‘Factor’ Expert Cruiser. In class, Lahsaan and his Avent ‘Morpheus’ Expert didn’t fare as well with just a main event finish on Sunday. After giving it all he had with his two new NAG #4 plates, it’s about time for Lahsaan to hang up the Avent Expert in favor of a new Avent Expert XL. The worst luck of all belonged to Dustin Vogler. After battling the flu all week long, the NBL National #1 13X picked up his new NAG #4 and NAG #5 plates, finished 2nd in cruiser and 4th in class on Saturday. On Sunday in semis, Dusty and his Avent ‘Factor’ Pro took a hard spill in the first corner and broke his thumb, setting him back for 4 weeks.

Look for the entire Factory Avent / Bombshell team at the second stop on the ABA tour, the ABA Sooner Nationals in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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