This just in from Eclat…


We've been working with a guy called Andy Cheney on parts development for éclat, and recently noticed the new S&M Pivotal converter. Turns out Andy was working on something similar, so we thought it might interest people to check another perspective. We’ve also asked Andy to comment on his version of the converter, since he’s been working on it the past few months now. Here’s what Andy had to say:

“Sometimes we all have good ideas. And in our industry, where there’s only so much room for improvement, so we can end up with the same idea and not even know it. That’s why we were pretty impressed with S&M’s Pivotal converter. You see, we’d been working on the same thing since April, played with samples, got through testing and have just sorted the tooling. See what you think. Ours is different in that bolts from up inside the seatpost. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t even consider cutting a hole in the seat. It’s not a bad idea, but we ain’t into copyin. And why did we do ours? Cos we hate that maaassive block of plaggy under the pivotals. Railed seats are sweet, and pivotal posts rock, behold our version. Ah…nearly forgot: weights: our Pivotal converter + railed seat + Pivotal post, is less than a Pivotal post + Pivotal seat.” -Andy Cheney