It’s been over three months since the suicide of Dave Mirra. Today, ESPN just released an interview with Dave’s wife, Lauren Mirra, and announced that Dave Mirra was tested positive for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Better known as CTE, a degenerative disease that is caused by blows to the head and linked to a myriad of symptoms. It’s a heavy topic but, a necessary read for anyone who’s been a fan of Dave through the years (which I assume is every single one of us).

[Edit from Ryan]: CTE is very real, but I think the second most important thing to take away from the article you’re about to read—the first being able to get some closure about the choice that Mirra made—is that CTE should have no effect on how you should live your life. This response from Lauren Mirra says it all:

Dave’s name is synonymous with progression. Can you continue to have progression in these sports while also making them relatively safe?
You can’t stop living your life. You can’t live in fear. What would the world be without progression? That would be terrible.”

Click here to read the full interview with Lauren Mirra…

read the Mirra Family press statement below:

Statement from Katie Moses Swope, Dave Mirra's publicist, on behalf of the Mirra family:

Following the death of BMX icon Dave Mirra, the Mirra family decided to pursue posthumous neurological testing which included a study for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  The study was coordinated by the University of Toronto and the Canadian Concussion Centre under the direction of Lili-Naz Hazrati, M.D., PhD. Leading neuropathologists from the U.S. and abroad unanimously confirmed the diagnosis of CTE.

From Dave's wife, Lauren Mirra: "We would like to thank our family, friends and the overwhelming number of Dave's fans who have supported us during this difficult time. We ask for your continued support in honoring Dave's legacy and for your patience as we plan to create a platform for CTE awareness and research."