Darryl Tocco & Jay Roe Launch Bad Timing: Promo Video & Flip Book Inside

Press Release:

Darryl Tocco and Jay Roe launch Bad Timing…

Darryl Tocco, Randy Brown, Tony Hamlin, Geoff Slattery, Aaron Smith, Lee Hopkins, Jay Roe, Lloyd Wright and More…

“BT started years ago. We would save up whatever money we could to go on trips and make a shirt or two occasionally. Basically it was a good excuse to travel with my best friends and make videos, which I’ve always been into. Over the past few years it got neglected, but this year with more support and time we are resurrecting it. Almost all of the crew have been down since day one, and Jay Roe, Tony Hamlin and Lloyd Wright now round out the rest of the crew, along with some close friends from the South Jersey area. The promo was filmed with a chunk of the crew during a week stay in Rochester and Toronto, with some random trip footage also included. Keep an eye out for edits as we compile footage for a 2012 release. Thanks guys!” – Darryl Tocco

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Twitter – @isthisbadtiming