The rumor mill in the BMX industry is a strong one and I rarely perpetuate rumors, so I’ve let this one circulate for a while now. Whether it’s bad money management, general industry struggles, or a ‘extinction of a dinosaurs’ type event I do not know and won’t speculate, but Dan’s Comp has been reportedly having monetary issues for well over a year. Today, it has seemingly come to a head, with Dan’s team manager/marketing/point man announcing via instagram that he’ll no longer be with the brand after seven years. Along with that, several riders have confirmed that they’ve gotten notice that the massive Dan’s team (Homan, Trey, Martinez, Adams, Broc, Nathan, etc) has been dismantled. Rumors of money owed to both brands and riders is also running rampant, but I don’t know every detail and don’t believe it’s my place to share half-specifics.

Is Dan’s going out of business? I doubt it. Bankruptcy allows brands to absolve debt. The problem lies with who Dan’s owes that debt to…BMX brands. Will brands still be willing to work with Dan’s after all the dust settles? That’s their choice once this whole process unfolds. What does this mean for BMX? I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure BMX will be just fine. Why did this happen? I believe it’s a combination Dan’s ability to evolve with the changing world of ecommerce and a few business decisions that have, in retrospect, turned out to be mistakes. If you think I’m being vague, that’s because I am. I really don’t know details.

Dan’s has not made an official statement. We also reached out to them for statement and haven’t received a response. I’ll gladly update this once/if they do.

“You can’t be what you were, so you better start being just what you are….” This Fugazi lyric has been on continuous play in my mind lately, pondering what my life will be like after my days at Dan’s Competition are over. Well, I’m about to find out. After seven years with the company, I’m officially done. My mission was to make Dan’s human, and I feel I was able to accomplish that goal, and much more. It was a good run. I want to thank Steve at Dans for letting me create my own job and run with it, Ernesto for being my “foot in the door” and everyone I’ve worked with, inside the walls and out. Additionally, I wish my remaining co-workers the best of luck🍀. To all the team dudes, it’s been awesome. I’m proud to have assembled a line-up of some of the best riders in BMX. So yeah, that’s that. On to the next one.

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