We wrapped up our photo issue last week and it’s at the printer right now.Be on the lookout for a pretty cool cover on that one. It’s will be out in two or three weeks.

Last Sunday was round three of Supercross in Anaheim. I ran into Biz and Heath Pinter at the race, and Heath was in rare form. He had a top hat on for some reason and was all smiles. Rumor has it that Brian Foster and Chase Hawk were there, too, but I think they were in a Fox suite or something.

This past Tuesday I hit up the morning session at the Etnies park. Getting there when the gate is unlocked is a good thing. I had the park to myself for a good 15 minutes, you can’t beat that-especially there. The session turned out to be pretty cool. East coast trail legend Jay Lonergan and his friend Bruce showed up, as did Alan Foster, Rob-o, and Rich Hirsch. Jay and Bruce are on a little vacation to escape the East Coast winter and are hitting up all the SoCal spots.

Yesterday I was out in Riverside shooting with Stephen Murray and Andre Ellison at Stephen’s house. His frontyard jumps are on the big side and they were blasting to say the least. Stephen’s got a poster coming out in the June issue of Ride. Check the photo of him bailing out. We had to shut it down because of wind and this crash, but this poster’s going to be a good one.

Jeff Z took off to Austin yesterday with Jim Bauer and a couple guys. You can expect him to be in veggie heavy right now.

Well, it’s 1pm and Fudger just showed up to the office. Since we’ve got a Friday BBQ party starting in about an hour, you can bet that he won’t be getting much done today. Look somewhere in this update for a shot of Fudger working hard at his desk. That’s it. Party time coming up. Look for photos shortly.

It doesn’t get much better than this. An empty park is a good one.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Alan Foster, Jay Lonergan, and Rob-o at the Etnies park. There’s at least a hundred years of east coast history between these dudes.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Anaheim III; Bubba blew up more than once. Ricky won it and Heath got wasted.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Former Snap test rider, Andre Ellison. Race fans can expect to see Andre racing double-A in Phoenix, and dirt fans should watch for him at the comps this year. He’s been riding a bunch.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Fudger hard at work.

Here’a a look at some of the jumps at Stephen Murray’s house.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Stephen bails out while trying to shoot the moon.  credit: Keith Mulligan