I took a trip over the Labor Day weekend back home to Louisiana.It was awesome to see and ride with old friends. We rode the backyard ramps, street and trails–all very fun. Hopefully you’ve already checked out some of the photos from that. One really cool thing was the new tree house the guys built off the backyard ramps. It is a little sketchy feeling, but it hasn’t fallen yet! I filmed a few clips for the office secion of Flipside while I was out there too.

The new tree house at the Iowa St. ramps in Baton Rouge, LA  credit: Fat Tony

I’m not saying the Baton Rouge guys are dirty or anything, but this was definitely right outside of one of the houses on Iowa St.  credit: Fat Tony

Yesterday Jeff Z. and I went to the Transworld studio for another model photo shoot. You can expect new Hot Chicks photos tomorrow. The video will come soon after.

Adam Banton popped in the office yesterday to pick up a few magazines. He still didn’t get his name scratched off the “woman” list on our office pull-up challenge results sheet.

Glenn Milligan shot over some botched up AIM banter for me to decipher and relay to you guys, so here’s my attempt:
Started riding/filming one day over the weekend. It got to be 101 degrees in downtown LA by noon, so I went home. I was supposed to meet Brian Castillo at 4 pm later that day, but I locked myself out of my apartment. The locksmith said 65$ cash to let me in. Prior to his arrival, I ripped a spoke out of my wheel to try to get back in. Somehow I managed (while bending the spoke) to lock the deadbolt as well–upping the price to get in to 85$.

Tuesday I was actually on my way to ride and get filmed…very rare. I drove to meet up with Nate Mororshan and realized I didn’t bring my bike…like the pixies say, “where is my mind?” I need to start filming for the office section too.” – Glenn Milligan

Glenn went to film some clips for Bruce Crisman’s Facad video and almost had a nervous breakdown. He’s not used to being on that side of the camera.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Keith Mulligan just left for San Jose, California to cover this weekend’s Dew Tour. Expect coverage of that as it unfolds over the weekend. And if your favorite rider doesn’t win, blame Keith–he’s a judge.

Ryan Fudger is back from his Portland/Vancouver trip and is still sick. He’s actually on his way to buy vitamins as I type this in hopes of bettering himself. Today Ryan had to go to Oceanside (our other Transworld office) to deal with some layout stuff for the magazine.

While in Canada for the Metro Jam, Ben Hucke was out on the town after a night at the bars when him and another girl got hit by a car. Ben broke his leg which is the third non-riding injury he has had this summer. Talk about bad luck! Get well soon, bro!

Right after the Metro Jam finals, Ryan went to shoot a photo with Adam Baker. The trick never happened, Adam got broke off and we have the sequence. Look for that on the site soon. When Ryan got back to Portland after the Metro Jam, he went to shoot a few photos and Eddie Cleveland attempted some gnarly street stuff and also got broke off. However, Ryan did manage to get about three photos of tricks that were pulled before his flight left.

Friday, Jeff Zielinski went to shoot some photos with Heath Pinter at some dirt jumps behind a pro football player’s house. He says it was a pretty wild scene.

This pro football player’s private lagoon was at right in front of the empty lot where the dirt jumps were.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

On Sunday, Jeff went to shoot photos with Aaron Bostrom and ran into a handful of camera problems–always frustrating. He also tried to shoot a How-To but there were parking blocks in front of the spot. Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned.

And finally, both Jeff Zielinski and I (Fat Tony) were notified that were selected as one of the top 250 entries in the Red Bull Illume international photography contest out of over 7500 entries.