This weekend Jeff Z.and I met up with Jim Bauer, Jimmy Levan, Mike Ardelean, E-Man, Eric Cuiper and a bunch of other guys to ride street. Expect some Bike Checks and a How-To from that soon. Jeff and I both got a clip for the staff section of the Ride video. I snagged a new pair of Fox gloves from the office today so I’m pumped on that. My old Shadow gloves were crusty and smelly and it sure is great to get free goods at work!

Jim Bauer with a nosedive 180 from a mellow bank over the rail on his tiled bike.  credit: Fat Tony

Saturday street riding crew.  credit: Fat Tony

Keith Mulligan was out this past weekend judging the San Jose Dew Tour. Hopefully you’ve already seen the coverage from that on our site already. Keith was back in for a few today but is technically on vacation so he got out of here as quick as he could.

Leif Valin sent Jeff Z. an e-mail last week with some random artwork in it. Apparently it is pretty common for Leif to send random e-mails and random works with little or no explanation.

Artwork by Leif Valin.

Artwork by Leif Valin.

Ryan Fudger is in the office today dealing with magazine stuff, sorting through Nora Cup votes, ignoring his phone, shooting product photos and writing a letter for Ricardo Laguna to help save his backyard trails and ramp.

Chenga Skatepark owner, Scott Powell sent Ryan Fudger an email with a photo of his new ride with this sweet paintjob.