I should have done one of these on Monday, but I’ve pretty much been swamped the entire week.Deadlines are awesome. But not. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last week or so.

(Please realize that this update never got sent in, so it never made it to the Web site until now. If this were up-to-date, it would involve stories of Dirty Dan Bogard’s 18th birthday and the $400 that got spent on him at a strip club. It’d also mention something about Odyssey’s Jim Bauer owing a Phoenix, Arizona, gas station $100 for wrecking one of their pumps. It may also say something about girls who are too young for their own good, Ryan Sher getting in a fight, and people getting broke off, but unfortunately, this update isn’t up-to-date. -Ryan)

Last Friday-I was…ummm…”wrecked” from the previous night, so all I did was shoot a sequence of San Diego local Steve Woodward for an upcoming mini-interview in Ride. He’s a lot better at riding bikes than you are. Believe me.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

Saturday-More of the same with Woodward, then I went ahead and flopped trying to 180 over this rail for the office section while Rooftop, Gary Young, and Woodward watched. It was completely uncool, since I had to give up. I’ll head back when I get a free chance. Gary and I rounded out the day at his favorite school. It’s funny to think that we’ve been riding that same spot for at least seven years…probably longer.

Sunday-It was flippin’ awesome. I got to ride Tony Hawk’s backyard cement park. You’ll have to wait to read what actually went down in a future issue of the magazine, but I’ll include some photos of the setup. Work hard and you too can have a cement park in your backyard. Actually, probably not-you should just quit right now.

 credit: Ryan Fudger

 credit: Ryan Fudger


Tuesday-Somehow took it on an eight-inch smith grind and then went to work bleeding.

Wednesday-Worked from home. The only time I went outside was to get something from my garage. It sucked.


Friday-I’m going to predict the future: wake up at 6:30AM, go to work, finish up the issue, drive to Hollywood to meet up with Jim Bauer at around 11AM, drive to Arizona for the Fort McDowell contest this weekend. Hilarity will ensure. -Ryan