Ride Art Director Matt Berinato’s faithful computerwas struck by lightning this past weekend. Luckily for him (and us),this magazine isn’t due for a whole four days, so that should be plentyof time to lay out an entire magazine.

Glenn Milligan, Ryan Fudger, and Corey Bohan are going up to Sacramentoto ride/shoot/film with Primo’s Kurtis Elwell for upcoming magazinesand the next Ride video. According to Glenn, Kurtis is supposed toproduce 20 clips in three days…including a twenty-foot-long 360bunnyhop gap. Should be good.

Fudger also sent some photos he got somehow in some blackmarket photo trade…

“The first jpg is a ridebmx.com exclusive; prototype Animal Bikes 26″ rims for that hot whip. Expect Ralph Sinisi to be tubbing out his VW GTI to fit these things.”

And by “now” I mean “never.”

“The second two are some guy getting BMX cut into his chest. I forgot his name, but tell the kids that this is a bad idea. Not because I’m scared we’ll get in trouble, but because it just really is a bad idea.”

Wow. That’s really high-tech. So sterile. Jackasses.

He’s gonna be so happy about this when he’s 65.

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