Not much to report here today.Keith’s out on the road still, having left Denver and the Dew Action Sports Tour behind and heading off to Pennsylvania. I think. Jeff Z’s still up in Montreal with the Micreation crew, and who knows where Fudger is? Most likely he’s passed out on a couch somewhere under a pile of Pop-Tarts and Cheetos. Let’s just pretend he’s out riding or shooting the best photos of his life.

That leaves sad and lonely Copy Editor Dave Clucas all by his lonesome, reading up on all of the great features in next month’s issue. You won’t believe some of this stuff!

Word on the street is that Scotty Cranmer just bought a 2002 Escalade with 22s. Does he make that face when he drives that thing?

Here’s a photo of a baby eating a chihuahua puppy.

Don’t say you’ve never done it.