After getting in an early morning session at the Etnies park near his house, Keith is on his way to Vegas this afternoon to Shoot a poster with Cameron White at TJ Lavin’s house.

Joe with a big, carving one-footed darkside air at the Etnies park.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Fudger also rode the park this morning but showed up an hour and a half late because he had more important things to do … like sleep. He wasn’t bummed that he could only ride for a half hour because his elbow is hurting anyway. So he’s in the office working on the news section and redoing the letters section because he was too mean the first go-round.

Mr. Zielinski is on his way to Portland where the plan is to stop by Goods BMX and meet up with Chester Blacksmith. Jeff has a bit of a road rage problem and says the drive is taking way too long because people don’t understand that the left lane is for fast cars.

I just got back from lunch. My girlfriend picked me up and we took our dog to the park, ate a picnic style meal then played tetherball. Carly is basically a tetherball champion. And now I’m back at the office working on more Web updates for you critters.

James Ayres, our BMX Business News editor wanted in on this sweet action so he sent me the following …
“Fine, I’ll admit it; I’m jealous. Everyone’s been posting their daily updates except me. It’s not like I have anything super fun to say; I’ve never been to Magic Mountain (like Fudger), and the last bachelor party I was at (umm, my own), the guys here got me so piss drunk I couldn’t walk for over 24 hours (ask Keith Mulligan about that one – not only did he shoot photos, but I’m pretty sure he has video, too). So what’s new in my little cube? Other than listening to Dave Clucas (our copy editor) and Fudger go back and forth saying the dumbest stuff ever, we’re shipping the August issue of BMX Business News to the printer tomorrow, so that’s got me pretty busy (and if you don’t know what BMX Biz is, don’t worry, you’re not supposed to – just know that if your local shop sucks, tell them that they need to start reading it – it will make them suck way less). I did go to Woodward West a few weeks ago with my buddy John Rokos who was in town for a bit, which was rad. They’ve got the trails super dialed right now so that alone was more than worth the three-hour drive. I also got to watch some famous rollerblader go for the Dorton gap (surprisingly enough, he almost got it), so that was pretty cool, too. But that’s been about it. I wanted to go ride Etnies this morning, but that means I have to leave my house at like 4 in the morning (I live in BFE), so I shaded on it.”