I’m in the office alone today, which means it is ultra quite — not always a bad thing though.I am getting a lot done today and have some really good things going up in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled. After work I’m going to work on my bikes and then hit up the Vans park in Orange. Ryan, Jeff, Dave Jacobs and I all rode the Santa Ana Civic Center yesterday until I got a front tire flat from a staple. It was fun while it lasted and the weather was great so I’m not complaining one bit.

Ryan and Jeff are working from home today and Keith is on the Shadow trip overseas. No news from any of them.

Glenn Milligan has been filming with Nigel and says, “I had to trade in the 20 inch for a few days after watching Nigel and Nate Moroshan kill it all over downtown LA during the X Games. I spent the night getting screwed out of flights and ended up first class on Delta — which is a lot like coach on any other airline.”

Besides the following photo of Nigel, that’s all we have for you today.

“Here’s a really bad pic I shot of Nigel doing a fakie barspin through these two poles in east LA. Trust me, he makes it look way better then my photo does. Last time we were there I had the flu and got hit in the head with a bottle by some gang members writing graffiti.” – Glenn Milligan  credit: Glenn P.P. Milligan