I am playing catch-up today after the long weekend at the X Games.The coverage we did over the weekend was amazing and I’m really proud of what we got up on the Web so quickly. You can see all of our X Games 12 coverage in one place RIGHT HERE.

Keith just left this afternoon for a two-week trip to England and France with the Shadow Conspiracy crew. That should be awesome. Hopefully we will have some Web updates on those guys and you can definitely expect coverage in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

Jeff is in the office today and has been running errands and going over stuff for the latest issue. Ryan also is in working on the new issue.

And possibly the best news of the day, Jeff and I are going ride street after work. Boo-ya!

Thanks for reading, now go check out some photo galleries!
– Fat

Last week Nigel completed the chin-up challenge on our office doorframe but fell on the ground afterwards.  credit: Keith Mulligan