Keith, Fudger and I are all sitting inside the Staples Center waiting to shoot vert photos.In the meantime we are having a laptop party in front of the motocross jumps. Yesterday was my first X Games experience and it was just that — an experience. Apparently I signed up for the wrong credentials so I couldn’t get in the place. Luckily Keith was able to score me a Team Manager pass so I could get in and shoot photos from the stands. Live and learn I guess. The contest was pretty amazing. If you’ve never seen no handed front flips, triple tailwhips and other huge tricks like that in person, let me tell you, it is a whole different world.

An overview of the dirt jumps and vert ramp from a press box at the Staples Center.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Top 3 dirt winners: Corey Bohan (middle), Ryan Nyquist (left) and Anthony Napolitan (right)  credit: Keith Mulligan

Yesterday when the contest was over and after a few quick Web updates from in the stands and a change of clothes at the hotel, Keith and his girlfriend and Ryan and I took a cab to Hollywood for the DC Shoes/Subaru after party. It was definitely a wild scene. There were several hip hop acts including Travis Barker playing drums alongside DJ Am and tons of people going nuts all night long. As that place was wrapping up, the scene shifted to what was probably the smallest bar in Hollywood. There must have been 497 people in a miniscule barroom but no one seemed to care. Fun times for sure.

One of the zillion homeless people in LA may be a sheriff. Hope not.  credit: Keith Mulligan

The bar closed and we hailed another cab and headed back to our hotel in downtown Los Angeles. In the cab, Fudger thought it was appropriate to “initiate” me to the Ride team so he wrestled with me through the plexiglass window. Pretty much the only thing I could do was bike his hand — so I did. And things didn’t end there. We got stuck in the elevator on the way to our 10th floor room. I have a hunch Fudger accidentally hit the “stop” button but he claims otherwise. Whatever the case, we were all stuck in the elevator for about two minutes. All the while, Keith’s digi-cam was in full effect.

Anywho, Jeff Z. is at the Home Depot Center shooting park practice photos so we have both venues covered. Expect plenty more X Games coverage in the coming days.

And just as remember: at the X Games, there is way more than just high-action sports … the beautiful girls are high in number.

In case you weren’t aware, the ESPN crew loves to film filler shots through a spinning BMX wheel.  credit: Keith Mulligan