This week I’ve been hustling to get things done before I head out tomorrow.I’m leaving in the morning to go back to Louisiana for a week. I’ll get to ride with old friends, shoot some photos and hopefully film some clips for the office section. Pretty pumped on all that, but this is the first time I’ll be flying with my bike so wish me luck. Last night I rode the Etnies park for the first time in a few weeks. It was unusually humid–the kind of humidity that you can literally see in the air. Yuck. There were several heavy hitters at the park last night throwing down; James Foster and Austin Coleman to name a few. I put on a new brake cable and put in some new bolts last night, thanks to the parts lying around in the office. I love a new brake cable and I now love my 43 Bolts that won’t rust and will remain shiny forever.

A lady in our office sent me this photo today via AIM. Keith Mulligan sporting a rad jacket. Too good to pass up.

I talked to Fudger online today and he sent the following …
“It’s been rainy the last couple of days, so we’ve had to dodge the wet parts of Portland and try to shoot photos. Rode Burnside in the morning and shot a couple of photos. Then myself, Jon Bristol, and Vince Kroff definitely drained a pool and as we were finished, more water poured from the sky. Jon then flipped out and stated that he was going to get one run in and tried to disaster the nine-foot deep vert pool first go. He ended up bleeding from like three spots instead. It was a story, though. From there we met up with Jeff Landtiser and tried to shoot a fence hop, but the owner shut us down. Jeff got a kick out of taking run ups and telling the dude that he was going to jump over his head, though. Ryan Mills then appeared out of whatever hole he was in and we shaded off to shoot this pretty gnarly loading dock gap that we had been trying to get done for the last three days. It had been blocked with like 20 pallets and surrounded by union workers the last four times we showed up, but this time it was free-and-clear, so we got ‘er done. Met up with Ryan Sher and shot a couple of wild street photos. Both he and I were psyched on it, so it was a good end to the night. Ummm…besides and in between all the photos, I hung out at Goods BMX Shop some more, went to dollar taco night, shot some bike checks (bringing the total to seven so far…look for them soon), and then chilled out at Shad Johnson’s place for the night.

Ben Hucke, Burnside one-footed seatgrab table.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Burnside.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Woke up today and went out and shot a couple of rebate photos with condo resident Bryan Glenn and I’ve been mooching Internet here at Goods ever since. Hopefully I’ll be back to shooting in the next hour or so. That’s all I got!”

Bristol checking the tree tranny. It was definitely rainy while this photo was taken.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Sounds good, Ryan, we can’t wait to see those bike checks!

Jeff is in the office proofing the magazine today. He also got in a sweet new Shadow hub guard that he is about to install on his front wheel.

Keith is back in the office after a week of being in Alaska. He is getting back to business as usual and proofing layouts. He writes you this…
“Okay, quick summary for you. This past week Glenn Milligan and I were in Alaska. We both do work for our sister publication Quad Off-Road Magazine. Sometimes I shoot photos for them and Glenn does their videos. Basically, we find ourselves in crazy places on four-wheelers, we completely wreck them, and have a blast in the process. For example, I flipped a quad in a river and flooded the entire engine, and Glenn got a side-by-side stuck in mud on the side of a mountain. The best thing is, they’re not ours, so we just return them when we’re done destroying them and never have to worry about it. We were also doing some work for Field & Stream magazine on the same trip, so we did some fly-fishing. Glenn almost got a new piercing when a lure snagged the collar of his jacket, and we caught huge salmon and cooked them on a BBQ. Glenn didn’t kill any bears with his 1 knife, but we did have a good time. Oh yeah, we saw a photo of Mike Laird on the cover of a newspaper up there–he was doing shows at the Alaska State Fair, but we didn’t get to stop by to see him. That’s it, now back to BMX.”

Glenn filming in the water. This is definitely not BMX.

Glenn got the Rhino stuck in the middle of bear country–luckily no one was eaten. This one took over an hour to get out of.

The things we do for this company… Keith in the thick of things while shooting an article for Field & Stream magazine.

Believe it or not, PP’s actually been spotted rolling around LA in this thing wearing that outfit. He keeps all of his video equipment in the back and picks up chicks with it. Not bad.

Check out those pants…Keith in the middle of nowhere, Alaska–on assignment for Quad Off-Road Magazine.