Well, yesterday I forgot my memory card at home so today you get my Woodward West photos.No riding photos in here (hard to shoot photos when you are the only one there), but you can get an idea of what the place was like and why I was so pumped to get a free weekend there. Again, thanks to the folks out there.

Our room at the lodge.  credit: Fat Tony

From the balcony of our room, this is the view of Woodward West. The actually camp (where the ramps are) is right about in the middle of the photo — at the bottom of the hill.  credit: Fat Tony

These deer were chilling outside of the Lodge for a few hours. I drove past them several times and they didn’t seem to mind.  credit: Fat Tony

This is the view from the back of the Hilltop Lodge at Woodward West, beautiful and peaceful.  credit: Fat Tony

Today I spent several hours going through the photos (and video) from our Hot Chicks photos shoot yesterday. That’s right, this Friday we will have our first Hot Chicks gallery from an in-house photo shoot with a hired model. You will not be disappointed–although I’m sure message board kids will still talk crap about it.

Jeff’s light check for the Hot Chick photo shoot. Don’t worry though, Fat was not the model, just a stand-in.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Jeff Zielinski is in the office today, going over layouts and sorting through photos. He ran a bunch of errands earlier today and dropped off a few camera bodies to be cleaned. He spoke to Robbie Morales earlier and the Fit Video is coming along really well–Robo is really stoked on it. Jeff also talked to Ralph Sinisi today who informed him that the city of Bloomfield, New Jersey decided to build a Joe Tiseo memorial skatepark. That’s all the info we have right now on that. Ralph also says that Manhattan will be getting another park soon.

Ryan had a rough day yesterday, shot a few photos and Ryan Mills ended up plowing into one of Fudger’s flashes making that the second time Mills has done that (and the only person to ever nail Fudger’s flash). Apparently flashes have feelings because it didn’t want to work for a while then it decided to fix itself all of a sudden. It was raining in Portland earlier (surprise, surprise) but is clear now, so they are about to go shoot more photos.

Keith and Glenn … still in Alaska and no word from them.