This past weekend I went to Woodward West.I guess you could say it is a perk of the job, but I got a room at the lodge and a key to all the ramps–amazing! I have to give a huge thanks to Shawn Dorton and the rest of the Woodward West crew for letting me go there (and bring a friend). I thought there would be riders out there to shoot photos of, get bike checks and film How-Tos with but my friend Eric and I were all alone. The peaceful community and beautiful scenery was a nice change of pace and very relaxing. And of course, riding Woodward all weekend was a blast. My personal highlight was learning 360s.

Keith is on a trip in Alaska shooting photos for Transworld Quad Magazine.

Ryan Fudger is on a trip of his own and sends you the following:
“I’ve been up here in Portland since Friday to shoot this BMX house article at “The Condo. Basically, this place is a three bedroom joint with like eight riders living in it–Ryan Mills, Ben from the Coast, Vince Kroff, Jeff Landtiser, Eddie Cleveland, Asa, Snotty, and Riley. Super dirty…so dirty that I’ve been here three nights and I’ve yet to actually sleep here. Neighbors fighting, crazy Albanian kids running around, a kid named after booze, busted glass. It’s a wild scene. It’ll be in the January ’07 issue, I think. But anyway, I flew in early and have pretty much been shooting photos and collecting stories ever since. Definitely shot a whole lot on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was super hot, so we had to chill until the sun let up around 7pm.

Ryan didn’t send over captions with his photos, but we can only imagine what kind of Portland character this guy was.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Also happened to be here for a video premiere at Goods BMX shop called Second Grenade. Video was pretty good; not sure about any info on it, but if you see it, pick it up.

Who know what’s going on here …  credit: Ryan Fudger

That’s all I got. I’ve been here three nights and have already somehow managed to ruin four T-shirts. Two are ripped in half, one is covered in tar, and another is completely soaked thanks to Ryan Mills and a pitcher of alcohol. Prick.”

Ryan Mills – Turndown  credit: Ryan Fudger

Jeff Zielinski is in the office today. Saturday he went to the Sepulveda Dam with Dave Jacobs and Aaron Bostrom to shoot a photo with Dave that he’s been trying to get for a while. While at the dam, there was an Audi commercial shoot going on and the film crew watched the guys ride for a while then gave the riders some tasty beverages. After leaving there, Jeff, Dave and Aaron went to another spot to ride and proceeded to get kicked out soon after they got there. Later that night, Jeff went to a ritzy Beverly Hills party with Jim Bauer at Cosmopolitan Magazine editor’s house where there were a lot of rich people and hot girls including Kirsten Dunst and Amy Smart.

Dave Jacobs & Aaron Bostrom at the dam. Aaron is often without shirt.  p;credit: Jeff Zielinski

Audi commercial shoot.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

On his way out of the dam, Jeff spotted a brush fire in the distance.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Sunday Jeff shot photos with Jim Bauer and Austin Coleman in LA and had to sit in the middle of a hot parking lot with no shade and all his camera gear for forty-five minutes while waiting on other people.

And that is our weekend update. Check back tomorrow for more awesome-ness from the Ride crew.

I went to ride the Long Beach park with Jim Bauer and Dave Jacobs Friday morning and there was a guy sleeping in the bowl. As soon as I realized he was there I went to get my camera and when I returned he was already awake. This is actually the second time I’ve shown up at the park and found a person sleeping in the bowl.  credit: Jeff Zielinski