Yesterday I was out of the office and hanging out with Terry Adams all day.It was super fun, as always. For those of you who don’t know Terry, he is a pretty wild guy and ALWAYS has crazy stories to tell. Yesterday was no different and we had a blast. My crazy story from the day was getting paid $70 for my pads. The director of the TV commercial Terry was filming for needed pads and I had some. So the director coughed up $70 on the spot for the ones I had in my trunk. And just so you know, they were $7 pads from Target that I gave him.

Terry has a hard time being serious in front of the camera. Striking a pose while putting his bike together at the Red Bull headquarters.  credit: Fat Tony

Tomorrow I’m leaving work early to head up to Woodward West for the weekend. I’m really excited about going and plan to come back with some How-Tos, Bike Checks and more. I had requests for a front flip and a lookback How-To so those are at the top of my list.

Keith Mulligan left yesterday for another weeklong trip — this one in Alaska.

Glenn Milligan typed over a short message for the daily update. He simply said to tell everyone that he typed his update from the bathroom stall at a Wal-Mart in Alaska while dropping a deuce. Sounds fun!

Ryan is still plugging away and getting ready to head to Portland and Metro Jam. You can expect a magazine article from Portland and Web coverage from Metro Jam. Ryan also talked to Steve Crandall and Nigel Sylvester today, collecting news from them for the Up Front section of the magazine.

Jeff Zielinski talked to Robbie Morales today and is trying to make plans to shoot photos this weekend. He’ll be doing so by driving around in his girlfriend’s car — the prized Volvo is going in the shop to have a scratch fixed.

Oh yea, Steve Crandall verbally threatened me over speakerphone today. I think I’m in for it at Interbike. Yikes!

Signing off,
– Fat