This Saturday I rode the Long Beach park with my friend Eric then went back to Long Beach on Sunday.The second time out there we met up with Jeff Zelinski and rolled out to some LA schools. Throughout the day there were over twenty riders at the various schoolyards — it was a pretty awesome scene. Lots of cool stuff went down from people like Larry Alvarado, George Rimerez and Kurt Rasmusson and some others. It was a super full weekend with lots of riding, hanging out and just overall fun times.

Since I was with Jeff yesterday and he doesn’t have much going on today, he asked if I just write about the riding yesterday. Consider it done. However, I’m pretty sure Jeff would want me to tell you that just as he was about to shoot a crazy trick, we got kicked out of the school and he had to pack up all his gear (he has a lot of it) and leave without getting the photo. Bummer.

Keith is just about to head back to the US where I’m sure he will be hit with jet lag and a ton of work. In keeping with a theme of sorts, Keith sent over a photo of him cliff jumping. (Similar to the photos from his New York trip last month.) I’m sure we will have lots of cool stuff to share from his trip later this week.

Ride editor and expert cliff jumper, getting it done in Europe.

Ryan Fudger’s update:
“So definitely an interesting weekend. After the fiasco that was Thursday night, I went to see my friend in the hospital on both Friday and Saturday. Fortunately everything is fine, and he’s out now. He had to get a plate and some screws put in and his best friend will be a blender for six weeks, but he’ll be okay. On Saturday I went up to LA to hang out with KC Badger and Jess Heinl, who were in town visiting a friend. We ended up hanging out with Glenn Milligan and having a good ‘ole time until about 4am. On Sunday Glenn and I rode with Nate Moroshan and even filmed a little jib-clip for the upcoming Ride office section to go along with the next video, Flipside. Yeah, office section number two, so get ready for some “Yeah, I got broke off news soon. That’s it for now. Oh, and I think I’m getting sick, so I took some Dayquil and it has all but fully shut down my brain.”