As I mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Staff Update, Jeff Zielinski and I went to Robbie Morales’ house to catch up with Wiz and get a sneak peek at the Fitlife video.We saw several crash clips, a few clips of Inman and Aitken and Van Homan’s entire part. Robo told me if I said too much he would put my big toe in a sprocket and pedal slowly, sawing the toe right off my foot as it went through the chain and sprocket. So all I can say is, “Wow!” I was pumped about Fit’s video premiere in Las Vegas at Interbike before, but now I just can’t wait. This is going to be good.

Wiz working on the Fitlife video at Robo’s house.  credit: Fat Tony

After work I rode at the Vans skatepark in Orange and had a good ‘ole time on the wood ramps. Robo showed up late in the evening just to remind me not to say too much about the video. Dave Jacobs and Eric Cuiper were in the house and killing it, brakeless style.

Another day has gone by with no word from Mr. Mulligan. According to one Internet source, some fear the Shadows may have been kidnapped again.

Jeff is working on articles today and going over corrections with our art director. He’s also running errands that he won’t be able to run tomorrow because he’ll be shooting photos. There are a couple of guys he’s supposed to meet up with in the morning, so if everything works out he’ll go home with some new shots for the magazine.

Ryan Fudger is out of the office today under unusual circumstances. He went to get a burrito with some friends last night and the group ran into a physical altercation with another group of gentlemen. One of Fudger’s friends suffered a broken jaw and nose so Fudger spent the night in the hospital with him. So after going to bed at 8 am, Fudger plans to shoot a How-To for the magazine later this afternoon.

And last but not least, Kevin Conners sent over some photos from the prelims from the Portland Dew Tour going on this weekend. Check them out below.

Steve McCann. Photo by Kevin Conners.  credit: Reader Submitted

TJ Lavin. Photo by Kevin Conners.  credit: Reader Submitted

Chad Kagy. Photo by Kevin Conners.  credit: Reader Submitted

Simon Tabron. Photo by Kevin Conners.  credit: Reader Submitted

Dave Dillewaard. Photo by Kevin Conners.  credit: Reader Submitted

Thanks for the photos, Kevin!