Yesterday I met up with Jeff his place and rode with him over to the Tip Plus warehouse. I got a behind-the-scenes tour of their facilities that you can expect to see on the site real soon. After leaving Tip, Nigel Slyvester jumped in with Jeff and me to hit up some spots. You’ll have to wait for the Flipside video or a future issue of Ride to drop to see what went down. Jeff ended up driving around Southern California in his non-air conditioned Volvo for a total of 111 miles while shooting with Nigel. Luckily it was Southern California so the weather was pretty dialed.

Jeff Zielinski, the man behind the camera. Or in this case, the man behind the phone.  credit: Fat Tony

Nate Moroshan, Tip Plus team manager and off-the-cuff tour guide.  credit: Fat Tony

Nigel fixing a flat in between shooting photos.  credit: Fat Tony

After leaving those two, I made my way to the Etnies park where the Etnies BMX team was kicking off their West Coast tour. Unfortunately for all, the Etnies park has a strict policy of no shooting photos or video inside the park. I’m pretty sure no one was aware of this until last night. But just to prove to you that I was there and the team was too, I snapped a quick shot of Sergio Layos and the park (from outside the gate, of course).

The Etnies park in Lake Forest, California.  credit: Fat Tony

Sergio Layos taking a break from riding the Etnies park. That light in the top right of the picture is a ghost, I swear.  credit: Fat Tony

Jeff Zielinski is in the office right now selecting photos for the next issue, getting proofs from the copy editor and sorting through contributor photos all while eating a big bag of trail mix.

Someone tried to rally it on the 405 after the X Games, but it didn’t work out that well.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Keith wrote in from England and says he is glad the X Games are finally over. They are super fun to watch, but a complete nightmare if you are working and trying to shoot photos. The security at those events is tight and all the guards are on power trips. Keith was on a ten-hour flight from LA to London with Alistair Whitton in route to the two-week Shadow trip (a week in England and a week in France). Within a few hours of arriviing, Keith and the rest of the crew, along with “Mad” Jon Taylor had their bikes set up and were riding the awesome setup known as the Seventies ramp. While at Seventies (UK distribution company), Keith got to see Stuart Dawkins and the rest of the Seventies crew and shoot some good stuff with Ryan Sher. Yesterday while in Hastings everyone on the trip was dealing with jetlag and met up with “Baz” Keep. Other than that, Keith is just adjusting to being over there and excited about the rest of the trip. Check back for updates on the site whenever Keith has a chance to send them over.

Even the announcers had to deal with BS at the X Games. Here Catfish tries to show his credentials to security, but obviously they could care less.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Shadow’s Ron Bonner with his “English Blue Steel.  credit: Keith Mulligan

View from the vert ramp; the Seventies warehouse is packed with good lines.  credit: Keith Mulligan

You’ve got to have it to want it? Not really sure what that means, but it was cool seeing Dave Mirra painted on the side of this building up in LA.  credit: Keith Mulligan

I dropped the ball on these updates the last few days and neglected to get a full report on Ryan Fudger. That was my fault — sorry about that. But here is his recap for you …
“Contrary to popular belief, I’ve been a bit more productive than the daily updates have led me to be. On Tuesday I went out with Gary Young to shoot a couple photos and help him film for a few of the many video projects he has coming up. Gary was “set to jet set to Germany bright and early the next morning, so he didn’t have much time to spare. I won’t ruin the photo, but I will say that Gary did a gap that’s been sitting in the back of his head for a long time. Oh, I should also mention that the gap was big enough to merit a 33/9 gearing, too. It was big. I spent yesterday in the office working on a story for the next issue and then went to the Etnies park to try and shoot photos of the demo there. Key word is “try. Today I’m in the office again, running to film labs for Jeff Z and myself, writing more, and choosing a bunch of photos with Mr. Z. All while Keith is out gallivanting around Europe. I hate him!” – Ryan

“GBY, how you go so high?” Wall-skid in SD.  credit: Ryan Fudger