Since day one of starting Crux Division everything I envisioned for it was on a very minimal scale, I had no expectations of it being as popular as it is now especially in the short year Crux has been around.  This natural progression is very exciting and motivating to explore what more we could possibly do which has brought us here.  In this very serious and formal announcement please welcome our first videographer selectee Jacob Hope.

Since first meeting Jacob he had made it pretty evident that his main focus is filming and editing.  Like a young eager BMX’er striving to ride like Garrett Reynolds, that same mentality applies to Jacob but he’s looking at guys like Navazio and Ennis for inspiration.  Jacob wants to create good videos and is always finding ways to better himself.  Hopefully we can help him refine his skills, discover new ones,  and gain experience in creating a solid work ethic that will benefit him later down the road.

Jacob lives pretty close to a few of the riders and will be hooking up with them to film. Most riders will utilize Jacob by sending in footage for him to edit which will hopefully bring everyone a little closer and help with the family feel of Crux Division.

Check out Jacob’s Vimeo Page ( to see the awesome work he has done with his scene and look below of his latest edit of the Sidewall Distro warehouse party from recent that features Crux riders Adam Lee, Matt Hildebrand and Daniel Reyes.

–Jeremie Infelise