Arcadia, California — This past weekend at the ABA Canadian Grand Nationals, Crupi signed Canada’s top rated Pro Scott Erwood.Although Scott has been injured the past several weeks with a broken hand and was unable to race the Grands to retain his #1 title, Scott has a long list of accomplishments and Crupi is proud to have him aboard the Factory Squad!

Some of Scott’s accomplishments include:
-2007 top 32 at World Championships
-2007 Canadian Champion (elite Men)
-2006 No.1 Canadian Pro
-2006 National team selection for Worlds
-2006 3rd place ABA Grands, A Pro
-2005 5th place in semi at worlds in Paris, France (junior men)
-2004 Selected for worlds in Holland
-2004 Canadian Champion (junior men)
-2004 ABA Cnd. 16yr old Nag 1, 20inch & cruiser
-2003 ABA Cnd. 15yr old Nag 1, 20inch
-2003 Canadian Champion, 15yr old

Scott will be part of Crupi’s World Factory Team but will also ride for Crupi’s Team Green Canada under Team Manager Sean Sinclaire. Crupi Team Green Canada just celebrated their 3rd Championship Title by finishing first place at this years Canadian Grands.

Crupi frames are hand built in Canada by Yess Products so it is just natural that Canada is Crupi Country! Congratulations go out to Crupi Team Green Canada and Crupi’s newest Factory Pro; Scott Erwood!