Orchid Footwear just posted this afternoon that Corey Martinez and Kevin Porter are no longer on the team. Here’s the info straight from the Orchid site:

“A big shout out to Corey Martinez and Kevin Porter for 5 great years working with Orchid Footwear. Coincidentally they're moving on to new opportunities at the same time, both for different reasons (which I'm sure you'll hear about soon, I'll leave that to them to announce). 5 years is a lifetime in the bmx world, so I want to thank them for a long haul. It's been a blast and we wish them both the very best. Even though we'll miss working with these guys, in the long run maybe it's a good thing for all of us. Corey and Kevin get to try something new, while Orchid will be able to do more for the current team riders and maybe even pick up some new guys. The future is cool. Here's a couple of web videos we did with Corey and Kevin, good stuff. Thanks guys!!” – Derek Adams, orchidfootwear.com

Here’s what Corey Martinez had to say:
“I just felt like it was time to move on. Things have been a little slow for a few years now and not working out the way I thought they would. I’m just going to freestyle it an see what happens. For the time being John Povah (Etnies team manager) is hooking me with Etnies. Derek Adams and I are still on good terms and I can only wish the best for him and the brand in the future. Thanks.” – Corey      Martinez

We hit up Kevin Porter too, but he never got back to us yet. And although we know who he is riding for, they don’t want to announce it until next week. D’oh!