Corey Bohan may be becoming the most famous dude in BMX. Not too long ago his name appeared on the cover of Penthouse Magazine, and this week he’s all over the celebrity gossip blogs.

Apparently Corey has been hanging out with some hot chick named Audrina Patridge (who was made famous from being on “The Hills” and celebrity gossip drag queen Prerz Hilton made a post about it HERE.

Then today TMZ posted this video of Corey and his new chick walking out of some club. Right after they follow Corey for a bit, they follow Christina Aguilera.

In both cases the blogs referred to Bohan as a BMX racer, but who cares if they get our sports mixed up, right? The important thing here is that a) Bohan is hooking up with a hot chick, and b) Bohan is hooking up with a famous chick.

Hopefully next week we will have news that Bohan is on the E! network or something.

For more photos of the couple in question, check out this other gossip blog

Corey Bohan

Audrina PatridgeRandom pic of Audrina Patridge found on Google. Not bad, eh mate?