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Its always surprising when someone parts with a long-time sponsor, even more so when its a consummate professional the likes of Chris Doyle. But today he announced that he’s no longer riding for Demolition Parts. Read both of their statements below:

"Sad to announce that Chris Doyle will no longer be on Demolition parts. Chris has always been the benchmark of professionalism in BMX, as well as with us as a rider and friend. As hard as this announcement is, Chris is appreciative of his time with us, and has left still a good friend of ours. We just want to thank Chris for being one of the best to do it, and for repping Demolition for all these years." – Demolition Parts

"Just putting it out there that I am no longer riding for @demolitionparts. We split on good terms and I wish them the best moving forward. I will now be running @kinkbmx's full line of parts and helping them grow their, already impressive, product line." – Chris Doyle

All the parts Chris Doyle is running now are available from The Source!