We got this email from Chad DeGroot this morning…

Just wanted to give you a heads up. Mark and Me are riding for water now, WOW WATER, GO WATER GO. A guy walked into Mesh Skatepark one day and asked if were having any events in which he could promote his new water company, Piranha Spring Water. This was just before Baco Halloween this year. He was impressed, signed on, and was all about what we do on bikes and off. Most companies would be hesitant with past Baco experiences, much less dirty bikers dressing up for halloween. He was way to happy with how everything worked out but had only one complaint, more people were drinking beer than his water during Baco. I told him that’s how we do it, Baco is a party.
End result we all drink water, pretty necessary in humans. Mark and myself caught his eye and he did a little research on us, sure it was the internet, and game on. We have a pretty good deal, drink some water, ride, drink more water, repeat as necessary. With all the energy drinks coming and going, its pretty refreshing being a part of something as simple as a spring water. So take a bite out of thirst, we do!!!
Piranha is also helping out Mesh Skatepark for 2009. Support who supports what we do. With the state of the economy and how bmx is always scraping by, Piranha is refreshing help and support for what we all do.

Piranha is going to have a contest online really soon at piranhabeverages.com where you can win a variety of prizes from cash, iPods, UGP shopping spree, to complete bikes and more.
Stay tuned

Chad DeGroot
Mark Mulville Piranha Water