That’s right, Chad DeGroot just started his own BMX company called Deco BMX. has been a place for Chad to post the stuff other sites wouldn’t let him for a while now, which helped people get familiar with the name. Now after posting more boobs than I can count, there are actually BMX frames and product on the site.

Here’s the text copied straight from

“Here it is, I can finally say what is going on. The site will still go on, sorry it has been slow. But I have been working a ton on launching my new company called "Deco.".  We have t-shirts, amazing hats, stickers, and other unmentionables.

Might as well tell you about the name, sounds like Baco. Which is sweet, but it comes from my last name "DeGroot" and "company" put together…Deco. Pretty simple, that is what I like.

Expect some good products and some questionable shirts. If you lucky enough to be attending Interbike, come by my booth and check out my new stuff. There will be two hot girls passing out free hats and stickers all 3 days. Feel free to bring me beer anytime, Interbike tends to get long and a cold frosty one will pass the time nicely.

Here are some pics of the products. This is the start, so sit tight. Some things are still being worked out.”

There are already photos of frames, forks, bars, and hats, so click over there to check them out in better detail.