Press Release:

Go Hard Or Go Home – Caribbean Freestyle Association Video Contest Results

The results are in!

Here is the link to the contest rules and description.

Would like to give thanks to the Judges: Nigel Sylvestor, Ben Snowden, and Brad Simms.

These are the only (3) Countries that took part in the contest…I am guessing the other countries did not see the post and how I would like it to be, but the videos I have received were absolutely amazing along with their skill level! I must say thanks to these countries for taking part!

Another thanks to the president of the CFA Brad Lee for sponsoring the contest and prize money.

This is how it went down:
Nigel and Ben chose Barbados 1st, Trinidad and Tobago 2nd, and Jamaica 3rd. Brad Simms saw otherwise and chose 1st Trinidad and Tobago, 2nd Barbados, and 3rd Jamaica.

But I would love to hear your views, so leave comments please, it would be much appreciated!

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Here are the videos and the final results…

1st Place: Barbados
Jomo Ifill, Astar Reece ,Christopher Ashby, and Romell Bourne.

2nd Place: Trinidad and Tobago
Brandon Holder, Kashiff Sammy, Miguel Boucaud

3rd Place: Jamaica
Jeff Crossley, Roshaun lawrence, Richard lecky

Unity is our Progression!