By Blaise Olson

The last Canadian concrete jam came and went at Canada’s oldest and most famous Skatepark: Seylynn in North Vancouver. The Lotek and etnies teams were in attendance, and this classic snake run to bowl got sessioned like it never has before. The locals were even impressed (even the 26+ year riding vet of Seylynn, Mr. Ron Mercer).

Chase Hawk

The ams were ready for the big gaps and huge transfers; with Nick Muryn making all the big gaps with style and height. It was his first time riding this park, which all of us found hard to believe. The “Sunshine Coast area breeds talent on a BMX: Dustin Guenther, Wade Laljar, Nathan Penonzek, and now Nick Muryn. Must be something about fresh air and clean water…

Chase Hawk

This is definitely a “pro park if you want to get sideways…to quote Dustin Guenther himself. He handled the announcing duties in between shredding the park, and made the event (particularly the long jump out of the bowl part) one to remember.

Wade Laljar – Superman Tailwhip

24 feet, 3 inches… Chase hawk is an animal in the air. He’s a small animal, but an animal nonetheless. Riders weren’t allowed to pedal once they hit the snake run, and then launched themselves UPHILL even. Cranks, pedals, and riders themselves got broken off. At the end of the day, the brakeless Fit rider was half a foot ahead of everyone (even fellow Lotek teammate Mike Hoder). If you’re ever there, check the spray paint marks…you won’t believe it.

Pro best trick was all about going HUGE off the classic “MFP hip. Why “MFP? We have no idea, it’s just been spray painted on there forever. Chase Hawk let loose with gigantic stylish airs, Jason Teet let loose with 360 attempts of enormous proportion, and Wade Laljar did a superman tailwhip at height that most riders weren’t airing over it regularly.

Once again, I have to reiterate, that I have never seen that park destroyed like this ever. And I’ve been going there since 1978 (opening day!).

Big thanks to Solo Mobile, etnies, Dragon Optical,, and especially 3RIDE BMX shop for help making this all go down. We’re going to do this again next year…believe it!

AM results
1st – Nick Muryn
2nd – Ryan Taylor
3rd – John Wooton (TIE)
3rd – Barret Andreychuck (TIE)
4th – Randy Moffat

13 and under AM1st – Kyle Nicholson
2nd – Dexter Whyte
3rd – Jesse Niewendrop
4th – Chase Friesen

Pro Best Trick
1st – Wade Lajlar
2nd – Chase Hawk
3rd – Jason Teet

Longjump Winner – Chase Hawk: 24′ 3″