The 2nd Canadian Concrete has even more entries than the first one, and the ams went off even harder.Huge brakeless 3’s over the 6′ spine, ice picking the large sub wall, fakie tailwhipping the quarters, and a few broken bones were the highlights.

The 13 and under class was definitely the days highlight, with a 9-year-old Matt Hemmingson charging the course faster than almost everyone all day, and airing almost twice his heigh!

Matt Hemmingson  credit: Press Release

Sam Lowe was the undisputed Pro Best Trick winner, with an over ice, back to fakie on the wooden subwall, add in doing it on a borrowed bike with front brakes, and he nosepicked it too (Canadian style of course). Etnies and Macneil rider, Wade Llajar was blasting everything in sight and came really close to pulling a 360 tailwhip bunnyhop drop-in from the sub to the quarter. Big Daddy, Ron Mercer, got third with tech moves none of us could describe . . . peg wheelie-to-nosepick-to-downside tailwhip nosepick-to-revert slider thing?!?!?! We think that was right . . . not bad for a 39-year-old!

Sam Lowe  credit: Press Release

The next jam is on August 25th at the world famous Seylynn Bowl. It’s the oldest park in Canada, and definitely one of the best.One week before the metro jam, so come to Vancouver, and ride over 60 bike-friendly parks within a 4 hour drive! It’s BMX week in Vancouver with parties and events happening every night!

Wade Llajar  credit: Press Release

Big thanks to Etnies and 3ride BMX shop for all their support for this amazing concrete series . . . and a special shout out to Dustin Guenther for all his hard work and superb announcing skills!

Dustin Guenther  credit: Press Release

Open AM class
1st – James Lundy
2nd – Ronnie Nickerson
3rd – Darren Bolton
4th – Randy Moffat
5th – Jeff Fehr

13 and under
1st – Matt Hemmingson
2nd – Kyle Nicholson
3rd – Christian poisson
4th – Chase Friesen

Pro Best Trick
1st – Sam Lowe (Tenpack , 3ride)
2nd – Wade Llajar (Macneil, Etnies, Tenpack, 3ride)
3rd – Ron Mercer (Woodyard)