Birmingham, August 2, 2006
NASS 2006: Britain’s biggest freesports event of the year took place last weekend at the Birmingham NEC, with shows and contests in BMX, Skateboard, Inline and Freestyle Motocross. The Braun cruZer Spine returned to NASS for the second year running in order to host the second round of the Braun cruZer Tour, fresh from the first round held at the Suzuki BMX Masters one week earlier.

Braun cruZer Tour Spine Contest:
The 12 competitors impressed everyone during Saturday’s qualifying, laying down huge runs of massive and technically difficult tricks. In Sunday’s finals the crowd couldn’t believe the level of riding they were seeing: Ben Wallace (GBR) stuck tricks such as “360 tailwhip to downside whip over spine” whilst Phil Aller’s †žtailwhip to icepick to 270 in” and Dave Osato’s (CAN)†ž540 nosepick” were just a few of the highlights. Despite World Class riders like Ryan Nyquist (USA) also doing incredible runs, it was the 2005 Braun cruZer Tour overall winner, and this year’s favourite, Mark Webb whoretained his spot at the top of the ranking by winning the contest with tricks such as a †ždouble tailwhip 360 over the spine” and †ždouble tailwhip to tailtap to icepick to fakie. Mark said about the Braun Spine Ramp: “I love it. It’s really big and fast. You can do bigger tricks than on most other ramps. Ben Wallace took the second spot in the contest and thus also retains his place behind Mark in the Braun cruZer Tour overall ranking. Nyquist took third place with a 10 foot high †ž360 over the spine” and massive tricks such as †žbusdriver”, †žseatgrab” or †žsuicide”. Ryan: †žI like riding that ramp a lot — it has such nice transitions and feels more like a vert ramp than a mini.”

Braun cruZer Tour Spine Ranking:
Webb, Mark (Eng) 2000
Wallace, Ben (Eng) 1980
Osato, Dave (Can) 1950
Aller, Phil (Eng) 1920
Elcock, Ryan (Eng) 1850
Jones, Brendan (Aus) 1830
Nyquist, Ryan (USA) 980
Doyle, Chris (USA) 970
Watkinson, Tony (Eng) 950
Hennon, Ben (Eng) 950
Garcia, Hector (Mexico) 940
MacKay, Colin (Aus) 940
Cools, Hannu (Bel) 920
König, Mark (Ger) 910
Yeates,Mitch (Eng) 910
Miller, Mike (Eng) 900
Beran, Michael (Cze) 880
Hardy, Cameron (Eng) 870
Crisman, Bruce (USA) 860
Ruiz, Juan (Spa) 850
Mendoza, Ismail (Spa) 840
Mehdi, Jirari (Fra) 830

Next stop for the Braun cruZer Tour Spine is:

Rip Curl Boardmasters, Surf Festival, 4-6 Aug, Newquay (UK)

Each event will offer a prize-money of 5.000 EUR. The total ranking over the three events will offer a total prize-money of 15.000 EUR.

In addition to the contests, the Braun cruZer Tour Demo team will ride a show at Leeds Festival, Music Festival, 24-27 Aug, Leeds (UK).

The Braun cruZer Tour has already travelled to two of the largest European rock festivals in June to hold Demo shows at the Heineken Jammin Festival in Imola, Italy, and the Eurockéennes de Belfort, France. In Imola Mark Webb, Chris Mahoney, Ben Wallace, Barry Kohne and Matt Macleod put on a real show by just doing what they do best on the World’s largest mobile mini-ramp. At Eurockéennes, Cameron Hardy, Craig Stevens, Anthony Pearson and Phil Aller bombarded the crowd with flairs, double tailwhip tiretaps, 360 nohanders, tailwhips to manual on the subbox, backflips to fufanu, superman tailwhips and tailwhips over the spine to fakie and loads more crazy stuff…

Braun, the world’s leading foil shaver manufacturer, is actively supporting BMX across Europe. BMX defines progression in creativity, style and expression – qualities that reflect the design and innovation values of the new Braun cruZer3, a shaver, styler and trimmer all in one.