Not expected by any means, but things happen. Bob gives it to you straight via his Instagram:


As of today I am no longer affiliated with Animal Bikes, I only mention this because for obvious reasons I do not want people to think I am filming or editing anything the company decides to put out. I actually was not responsible for the last few "edits" they have put out. Not sure what the future holds for Animal and in all honesty, I really don't care. Riding is a way of life, companies are not. I will save you the "good terms" bullshit because I leave on no terms. I have no interest in brands, "producing," the media or anything involved in that sort of thing. To anyone who follows $kapegoat, I have a video in the works, it may take a while but I promise it will be good. I will continue to work a regular job, kick it with my dog, ride and contribute back to what I love when I can. Thank you for your past support and to anyone who continues to buy my videos or check my photo's out, thank you too

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