Press Release:

BMX'ers take on the world at the Go Pro Crossover Challenge returning to the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships at the Pala Raceway National, Friday Sept. 10, 2010.

Crossover races have been a tradition for over a decade now. This year started off at the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown. Over 60 riders from FMX, BMX, Skate, Surf, Snow, MTB., Wake and some Media riders came out to participate.

This event is a one of a kind opportunity for top athletes, past and present, in many different disciplines to all meet on one common ground. It's also a unique opportunity to ride a fully prepped track exactly how the pro's ride! You will not find anywhere else that has such a diverse group of riders all competing together.

Pala Raceway is the newest track added to the pro series and Crossover riders are very excited to ride the new layout even before the pro's get to. Friday September 10 will be just for the Crossover and we will have a full day of activities that include practice, Go Pro Crossover Challenge two moto format, lunch, autograph session and Haro Bikes is putting on a dash for cash winner take all mini bike race.

World Cup and Olympic Skier Daron Rahlves, "As a ski racer on the World Cup I competed on the most challenging, fastest, longest Downhill courses in the world against the clock. With skills on skis and in terrain, I know more what to do on a bike than actually doing it. Having ridden on the national track really keeps me in awe of what the pros can do. My passion for riding motocross is huge.  Crossover races are a highlight to my summer.  First off, who gets to ride a pro track besides the pros?  We do.  Then to meet and ride with some of the best athletes in other sports is awesome.  I get inspired by those who push themselves and have a love life attitude.  That’s everyone who shows up at the Go Pro Crossover Challenge.  Our worlds come together under one sport for a weekend and that’s cool.

David Pingree won the Media Class at the Hangtown event so we asked him if we needed to give him a handicap at Pala. "A handicap? No. This is the one event I get to win every year… don't take it away from me. I used to ride all these tracks for years and you get to where you take it for granted. I get stoked just to ride on a track that is prepped really well. Apart from that it's just fun to hang out with athletes from other sports and share a common passion… motocross."

There are a few guys that can really ride. Obviously Palmer has been a moto-head for years but there's a big group of guys now that can all ride pretty well. I love how pumped they all get to ride still; that makes it fun too."

It's pretty clear that we all come out to have fun but athletes are competitors. Multi time X Games medalist and Guinness World Record holder BMX Pro Allan Cooke only had this to say, "Watch out f'ers, I’ve been working on my starts, training with Ryno and am scheduled for arm pump surgery this Monday.  You don't stand a chance."

Go to to get all the info needed for your tickets to the national and the Go Pro Crossover Challenge. Riders in the event will be getting product from our great list of sponsors including Go Pro, SRH, Haro Bikes, Skullcandy, DC, Dunlop, No Fear, Vention, and Asterisk. We look forward to seeing you at Pala Raceway!

Confirmed BMX Industry Riders in this event so far:
Aaron Cooke
Alistair Whitton
Allan Cooke
Dwayne Taylor
Jimmy Garcia
Zack Early
Cory Bohan, Heath Pinter, and more are talking tough but we will see…

Watch video from the Go Pro Crossover Challenge at Hangtown.