Press Release:

The BMX Riders Organization (BRO) is looking for dedicated people around the world to work on BMX advocacy.

Our Mission: BRO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and assistance to those seeking public facilities for BMX freestyle.

We want legal, hassle-free places for people to ride. Our main focus is on skate parks, but we also believe that the same approach can be used to get sanctioned dirt jumping facilities and flatland spots. We will tackle these issues with a fresh perspective and will work closely with our experienced skateboarding counterparts to ensure success.

The re-launch will include a new website with lots of information including literature, statistics, news, and schedules of events.

As someone who is involved with BMX, we know you want to help other communities embrace their BMX riders. This is your opportunity to get involved on the ground floor of something big, sustainable, and deeply important. How often do you get the chance to be a founding member of something? Even one hour a week can make all of the world of difference.

Contact us and share with us what you have to offer!

Our email address is [email protected]