This weekend the BULLS Spine Jam took place for the first time as part of the IFMA tradeshow in Cologne–outside and with loads of sunshine.Besides the “English delegation” of Craig Stevens, Mark Webb, Ben Wallace, Phil Aller, Louis Smith and Pete Marselle there were Barry Köhne from the Netherlands as well as Mark König, Björn “Bommel” Mager, Sergej Geier and Atze Etzold from Germany.

Winners – Photo by Tim Buchholz.

The Pro/AM contest was held on the Braun Spine Ramp and the competing riders gave the public what they wanted to see–incredible runs with massive tricks. Amongst the tricks on view were barspin-to-fufanu on the sub box (Ben Wallace), backflip tailwhip (Bommel), fufanu on the backrail (Phil Aller), x-up flair (Mark Webb), 360 tiretap-to-downside whip in (Ben Wallace), toothpick footjam double tailwhip (Mark König) and backflip-to-manual (Barry Köhne)–to name but a few…

Mark Webb – Photo by Tim Buchholz.

Results – Pro:
Ben Wallace took first place, followed by BULLS rider Mark Webb. Phil Aller and Louis Smith had very good runs to take 3rd and 4th. Results – Amateur:
Patrick Windeck from Düsseldorf grabbed first place with solid runs.

Ben Wallace – Photo by Tim Buchholz.