It’s pretty obvious that because we speak the same language, Britain is the best place for someone to visit first on their initial visit to Europe.Even so, I was amused to hear the different words and names they used for the same things we have over here. So even though we may speak the same language, at times I still found myself not knowing what they were talking about. To further my amusement, I compiled a list of different words and I figured I’d share it with you below.

Apparently in Scotland they use polite signs to prevent BMXers from grinding the rails—none of those ugly American knobs.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

American: flashlight
British: torch

American: parking lot
British: car park

American: backyard
British: garden

American: shopping cart
British: trolley

American: semi-truck
British: lorrie

American: wrench
British: spanner

American: garbage man
British: dust man or bin man

American: rest stop
British: services

American: French fries
British: chips

American: chips
British: crisps

American: windshield
British: windscreen

American: hood (of your car)
British: bonnet

American: trunk
British: boot

American: joking
British: “taking the piss”

American: take out (food)
British: take away

American: elevator
British: lift

American: bathroom
British: toilet or loo