If you spend enough time going through Keith Mulligan or Mark Losey’s photo archives, you’re bound to come across something that makes you either laugh really hard, or makes you think to yourself, “What the…?” When I found this photo in Alan’s folder, I figured there might be an interesting story behind it, so I had him explain.

Alan getting his MTB on…  credit: Keith Mulligan

“This was in the Spring of 96; the UCI put on this series that ran with NBL nationals. They had a MTB class; I think we did three laps on the track; maybe two. This was in Orlando and that’s Dale behind me. We would cross the finish line then ride up the back of the starting hill and do another lap—it definitely made the legs burn. He followed me the whole race and pulled up next to me on the last straight. It was close but I still got it. I did two of these races; the first one was at the X-Mas race and I led the whole way until Bas de Beaver passed me on the last lap. Between the purse money and Schwinn contingency it was a good deal. In ’96 I raced a few Norba MTB races for Schwinn, too.” —Alan Foster