Rick Moliterno just sent us the new ’05 Bullitt and 250S frames, both of which should retail for around $389.The Bullitt is Moliterno’s signature frame and tips the scales at 5 pounds, 3.5 ounces; a very respectable weight for what it’s designed to handle. The 250S, which was designed as a classic street/trails/park frame, weighs in at 5 pounds, 6.4 ounces. The 250S is lighter than Standard’s STA frame, and stronger than the Standard 250L (although it also weighs a bit more). For more information on these, or any other Standard product, go to www.standardbyke.com

The second you pick up the Bullitt, you just smile… It’s way lighter than what you’d think…  credit: James Ayres

Rick Moliterno signature frame
Double-butted OX Platinum air-hardened tubing
1/4″-thick, 14mm dropouts
Available in 20″, 20.5″ or 21″ top tube lengths
13.75″ chainstays (wheel forward in the dropout)
Available in either Ammo box green (pictured) or gloss black

A close up on the Bullitt logo and the head tube…

The 250S is a great in-between frame; it’s stronger than the 250L, yet lighter than the STA.

Made from OX Platinum tubing
Available in 20″, 20.5″, or 21″ top tube lengths
13.75″ chainstays (with the rear wheel all the way forward in the dropouts)
Euro BB
Seatstay brake mounts
1/4″-thick, 14mm dropouts
Limited lifetime warranty
Call for color availability