5 Days of NyquistMas (Online Contest)


“Happy Holidays everyone!!!! To help you all celebrate, I’m going to be hosting a giveaway. It’s called The 5 Days of NyquistMas, and it’s going to be awesome!!! Here’s the deal…

Every Saturday in the month of December, I’m going to give away a bunch of free stuff from one of my sponsors. How do I win, you ask? Well I’ll be posting a question on the event page and also my Facebook Fan Page. Just answer the question in the comments field, and I will personally pick the winners on that following Saturday. So make sure to have fun and get creative with your answers. This couldn’t be any easier!!!!

The first giveaway is this Saturday, December 3rd, and we are giving away 5 cases of FMF Power Beverages, as well as some T shirts and other goodies! Stay tuned for your chance to win!” --Ryan Nyquist