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Telekom Local Support Street Challenge, 02.10.2010

· More than 50 riders at the Telekom Local Support Street Challenge on October 2nd, 2010 at the Wicked Woods indoor skate park, Wuppertal.

· Janek Wentzky/Markus Reuss (Pro) and Mattis Hansen/Marcel Profitlich (Am) won the Spot Support for best teams.

· Mattis Hansen, Markus Braumann, Ondra Slez and Janek Wentzky qualified for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds on 5th of December in Berlin.

When awesome riding, satisfied riders and a great vibe stand for a good contest then everything was done right at the Telekom Local Support Street Challenge last Saturday. 26 teams with 52 riders from all over Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands came to the Wicked Woods indoor skate park which proved to be the perfect contest location.

Within the PRO rating, the “MJ” team consisting of Markus Reuss and Janek Wentzky showed off a perfect combination of style and tricks and – pushed by the many "MJ" cheers from the locals – came first beating the “Village People" team (Ondra Slez/Michael Beran). They now have to think about how to invest their 3.500 Euro Spot Support. The "Zoo-WG" team with Sergej Geier and Markus “Monkey" Braumann finished third.

For the winning Amateurs it was definitely worth having made the long trip all the way from the north: after the qualification it was just a question of which team from Flensburg was gonna take the 2.000 Euro Spot Support home. In the end it was team “Der Clown und ich" (Mattis Hansen/Marcel Profitlich) who just made it before “Dat flenst digger" (Chris Clausen/John Bork). The third place went to team “M&M" (Falk Schräer/Felix Hauck) from Münster, who went home carrying tons of prizes from The Local Face Shop, Fiat Freestyle Team, Pro-tec and Felt.

Besides looking for the best team of the day, the contest was also the qualification for the Telekom Extreme Playgrounds in Berlin on 5th of December 2010: two well-known riders, namely Markus Braumann and Ondra Slez, managed to get the much wanted spots. Janek Wentzky and Mattis Hansen, who had the best runs in the Pro and Amateur class, are also going to Berlin, where international riders such as Dennis Enarson and Gary Young will await them.

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Photos by David Ulrich, courtesy of Telekom Local Support Street Challenge.