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I rolled into Metro today just in time (thank you traffic and the Canadian border!) to catch the Girls Finals. It was awesome to finally witness a girls class in person, and more awesome to see how better each of them are getting and their willingness to just plain send it. Highlights include Caitlin Clark pedaling full speed at the giant curved wall, and sending the largest gaps on the course. Natalie Wagnor’s smith on the biggest quarter on the course. Vanessa Brazeau sending a gap to wallride several times...she definitely took it hard on a few, but ended up getting it done. And finally, last year’s Metro Girl’s class winner, Nina Buitrago, doing her first barspin over a hip and not being able to wipe the smile off her face.

Photo by Ryan Fudger.  credit: Ryan Fudger

Expert Finals ended up being a blur...I guess that happens when there’s 16 kids that I know nothing about killing it. The top qualifiers, Andrew Gobbo, James Steele, Brent Webb, and Matt Desson put on the best show out of the four groups. Throwing tech lines along with wild tailwhips. Excuse me if I get some names confused, but the banger of the contest had to be James Steele’s huge no-handed gap across the entire driveway. The gap this year is seriously insane and I’ve heard some of the Pros have already let a few things loose over it. Can’t wait for Pro qualifying tomorrow. Enjoy the photos!

No results as of now. The Metro crew is keeping them secret until Sunday, so you’ll have to wait...

That’s it for now...I think I’ve poached the Internet via my wireless laptop in the middle of some random street for long enough. I’ll have some more photos ready to go online in the morning for you guys.